International Women’s Day 2019 – Make it personal with BOSSU

International Women’s day takes place annually on the 8th of March and is celebrated worldwide with a focal point on women’s rights and equality issues. Here at BOSSU we fully believe that a balanced world is a better world and we commend all women and allies who tirelessly fight for equality throughout the world.

BOSSU approved: Top photo editing apps 2019

Social media is a part of everyday life now with the majority of us spending more time on screens than sleeping. It seems to be a constant battle for us to find an app that does it all for us. Mobile app stores such as Google play and Apple store are full of millions of apps from apps that track your steps to ones that teach you new languages.

The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day 2019

St Valentine’s Day is fast approaching; this annual event is celebrated on February 14th. Typically known to show love to your lover, friends or family this day began originally as a Western Christian feast day which honoured saints that had names similar to Valentine or Valentinus. Valentine’s Day is recognised as a significant day to show how much you care and you certainly will be showing how much you care with a BOSSU custom and personalised phone case.

The next generation of personalised luxury phone cases

We at BOSSU understand that in 2019 customers want more from their luxury phone cases, you want strength, protection and personalisation. We are delighted to announce that we have revamped our luxury personalisation design studio ensuring that you receive the lux phone case you have always dreamed of. Our Trinity collection offers a luxurious and sophisticated personalisation option while or Natural and Natural armour collection ensure that your imagination can be released.

5D Tempered Glass: The screen protector everyone needs

Our phones are our loyal companions and tend to be with us no matter where we are. It is incredibly important to protect our phones from dust, water or general damage they may incur on a daily basis. Screen protectors are an added form of protection when used with a phone case and can majorly aid in protecting our delicate phones.