BOSSU approved: Top photo editing apps 2019

If you are one of the many wise people who have chosen BOSSU products for their smart phones then you probably also use social media.

Social media is a part of everyday life now with the majority of us spending more time on screens than sleeping. It seems to be a constant battle for us to find an app that does it all for us. Mobile app stores such as Google play and iStore are full of millions of apps from apps that track your steps to ones that teach you new languages.

At BOSSU we are dedicated to creating unique one of a kind luxury phone cases for your every need. We too expect such quality from our smart phones and apps. We have been hard at work to research which app is truly the best.  Below we will break down the apps we recommend and why we recommend them.


If you are into Instagram then Unfold is for you. This free to download app for iPhone and Android users is ideal for curating gorgeous insta stories and editing the perfect picture for your Instagram feed. Maybe it’s a photo of your brand new BOSSU creation this Valentine’s day? To use Unfold: after downloading and opening the app you will see a + symbol at the bottom of the screen, this prompt you to choose from a variety of image style and outlines. If you do not like any of the options provided there are in app purchases for more collections. Once you choose a design you like, you can add your image or text and get to editing your image. Unfold is particularly handy because you can curate a story of multiple images or pages then upload all directly to your Instagram.


This free app is ideal for those who fancy Photoshop on the go. This handy sleek app is designed to help you create perfect images and also has a social community of contributors.

VSCO enables users to capture images within the app or upload directly from their photo gallery. This app is helpful as there are options for users to purchase presets if they would like to have a consistent style in their photography or simple don’t wish to edit every phone manually.

VSCO is equipped with many filters and photo editing options which can help users achieve a sleek looking image. Users can publish their curated images to the “world” where it can be seen and favorited by others. Users can interact with each other and get inspired by images they see throughout the app. VSCO is incredibly helpful if you find Photoshop or photo editing daunting. It is equally helpful for those who have editing knowledge.

Users can also download their images back to their phones to use on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Users could also use an image created with VSCO for their luxury BOSSU personalised phone case cover. You could use a filter to achieve your desired look before using our brand new online editing tool.


If you are looking for the app that will take the stress out of image sizes and templates then you need Canva. This app for iOs and Android has been created to include many presents for your images and designs.

Canva can be used to create posters, paperwork and also digital content such as Instagram or Facebook posts. Start by choosing a template you would like to use and Canva will take you through each step. You can use your own images or you can also choose from thousands of stock images, symbols and designs to achieve your desired outcome.

You can save your creations to the Canva app and even invite your team to join your project so they can see your creations. This app has so many different templates and will definitely keep you entertained for hours.


This app is a throwback to the 90’s and disposable cameras. HUJI is free to download for iOs and Android customers and can also be upgraded with in app purchases.

The concept is quite simple the app opens on your phone and appears like the back of a retro disposable camera, you can turn on the flash and snap or you can click the viewfinder and edit the view. The beautiful of HUJI is that the app will edit images for you automatically. The images are edited instantly to mimic those from a disposable camera, you are offered a multitude of variants for each image including lens flares and red edges circa ‘98. HUJI is a creative way to take images and will produce a one of a kind image every time. Images are also time stamped with a 90s date for that ultimate vintage feel for all of your social media pictures.

We hope you found this guide helpful for all of your photos editing needs to match your luxury BOSSU phone case.

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