New Year: New luxury phone case

Start your year right by investing in luxury and class with a BOSSU luxury customised phone case. A custom phone case offers so many different looks and personal options while also protecting your precious smart phone. Our luxury phone cases grant you the opportunity to make your case personal to you and your style. We are certain you will stand out in 2019.

At BOSSU we are all about lux phone cases and cutting edge style. We wanted to give you the opportunity to design your own phone case which is quick and also simple. BOSSU is the only company to offer engraving as part of complete phone case customisation services, our phone cases are high quality and incredibly luxurious.  It embodies our passion for total perfection leaving your phone case in a league of its own.

Your luxurious customised phone case be a one off unique design just for you, they are also a fantastic gift idea for friends and family. All BOSSU luxury phone cases are fully customisable and can be personalised with any name, image or business branding that you may desire.

To start: It is simple to make your case with BOSSU, choose your phone model and case type from our three collections. Our Natural and Natural Armour phone cases are created with impeccable natural wood in a variety of wood finishes to complement your unique style. Each case is delicately hand carved for the perfect fit every time.

Our Trinity collection will turn heads with its sleek and contemporary appearance. Trinity collection phone cases are available in a range of finishes including silver, rose gold and gold. These bespoke personalised phone cases will add the real wow factor to your life and are ideal for anyone who loves to get noticed.

Step 1: Choose your finish – the chosen finish will be the base for your new case and will be visible on your case not covered by your print. Choosing the colour that best suits your personality will make your luxury phone case even more personal and unique to your own style. You will be able to see what the finished product will look like while choosing from our BOSSU personalisation section.

Step 2: Add text – Have your say, express yourself, get creative and let your luxurious BOSSU phone case do the talking. There is a menu of different fonts and sizes to ensure you achieve your unique desired look. You can move your text around the case; you can change the text and even resize it until it’s perfect for your needs.
If you’re stuck for ideas you could add an important date or a quote that is special to you… the options are truly endless for your lux phone case.

Step 3: Add an image (Natural and Natural Armour collections only) – an image says a thousand words so save yourself the space and upload your favourite image instead. You can upload an image, a logo, design or even one of your own drawings perhaps? High quality images are required to ensure you receive a beautifully crisp image on your one of a kind phone case.

Our personalisation customizer is easy to use and you will be able to rotate your image, move it around the phone, enlarge it or reduce its size to achieve a perfectly luxurious appearance.

Step 4: Purchase your phone case – After completion of your lux phone case you can take a final look at your design to ensure the appearance of the case is correct. With BOSSU you can rest assured that your phone case with be of upmost luxury and style.

We will create your design on your new personalised phone case, place it in its luxury case and presentation and carefully ship it directly to you. If you have any further questions please contact our customer service team at

Ready to create your own personalised luxury BOSSU phone case? Start now with BOSSU.

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