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Bamboo Case on Tabel

We understand that people are not satisfied with just any phone case and take great pride in their phones and their accessories. Trying to protect this item can be incredibly important to keep your item safe and also to keep the phone in working order, there is nothing worse than witnessing your phone fall dramatically to the floor. When trying to find the perfect phone case, you will find that there are a multitude of different types of phone cases, luxury phone cases, wooden phone cases, metal phone cases and so many more styles, shapes and materials.

It may be confusing to know which phone case is the right one for you and your needs. This article should leave you with a better understanding of the phone case materials on offer in the market and also give you a greater insight into the luxury phone cases we offer here at BOSSÜ.

Investing in a luxury phone case for your iPhone, Samsung or Huawei is a small price to pay for the security of knowing your most valuable asset is protected and stylish. 


As the title above suggests, this case is made from wood and is ideal if you wish to lead a more sustainable healthy or even vegan lifestyle. People have become incredibly in touch with nature and their wellbeing and these handmade phone cases aid to merge our relationship with technology and nature.  

Our Natural collection phone cases are beautifully presented in Bamboo, Rose Wood or Dark Wood finishes. These lux phone cases are made from durable woods and our Bamboo cases offer enhanced flexibility. Each of our cases are carved by hand to ensure a perfect fit every time. Your chosen design is engraved straight into the wood of the case which creates a stunning 3D effect onto your personalised phone case. You can personalise your luxury case with any name, image or business branding logo which now can include colour images.

This custom and unique wooden case is streamlined, shatterproof and lined with lint to protect against daily wear and tear. Use this item in conjunction with our innovative screen protector to ensure long lasting phone protection. This is a durable yet light phone case.

For added protection we have created the BOSSU Natural Armour collection which again consists of Bamboo, Rose Wood or Dark Wood phone cases. These wooden phone cases are a mixture of flexible Bamboo wood and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a technologically advanced plastic that is highly shock absorbent and waterproof. This creates a robust and resilient phone case. Our Natural armour collection can also be personalised with an engraved image, text or logo to ensure your phone case is personalised to your needs. This phone case is a sleek coat of armour of your precious smart phone. You can find all of our luxury wooden phone cases on our website.


Hard cases are a great option if you enjoy feeling your phone is truly protected and enclosed in a hard outer shell. If you’re looking for a sturdy and strong hard case then the BOSSÜ Trinity collection is for you. The Trinity collection is highly durable and these custom cases come in a high shine finish.

These decadent cases are available in a variety of finishes including silver, rose gold and our most popular gold. Our Trinity cases are for those who are brave and like to stand out but also enjoy having their precious phones protected and safe every day.

Every Trinity case is robust and protects phones from accidental damage. The case is created with a shatterproof material and also shock absorbing foam so that it is as sturdy as possible.

All of our Trinity can be customised with your choice of text; you can use a favourite quote, names or even dates. There are so many possibilities. You can find all of our luxury Trinity collection phone cases on our website.


For extra protection for all of your phone case choices we separately offer a Premium screen protector. Our screen protectors are some of the strongest on the market created with 5D tempered glass, 9h hardness and are 100% responsive to touch. You can find our protectors here.

Every luxury BOSSÜ phone case arrives to you beautifully showcased in a BOSSÜ designer gift box which is the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one.

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Are you purchasing a new luxury phone case? We would love to hear from you or to see your gorgeous customised phone cases over on our social pages. Let us know in the comments which BOSSÜ phone case you would choose.

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