The next generation of personalised luxury phone cases

We at BOSSU understand that in 2019 customers want more from their luxury phone cases, you want strength, protection and personalisation. We are delighted to announce that we have revamped our luxury personalisation design studio ensuring that you receive the lux phone case you have always dreamed of. Our Trinity collection offers a luxurious and sophisticated personalisation option while or Natural and Natural armour collection ensure that your imagination can be released.

Our advanced online design studio can be specially chosen for our Natural and Natural armour collections. We have added more features which enable you to create the perfect phone case for your smart phone including text, elements and photos.

The possibilities are endless when you choose a BOSSU luxury phone case. Firstly you can choose from a variety of wood finishes for your smart phone including bamboo, rose wood and dark wood. Luxury phone cases within our line include smart phone models such as the Huawei P20, the Samsung S9 and the iPhone 9.

Once you have chosen your ideal phone case you can proceed to our newly transformed online design studio. The online design studio is easy to use and is the ideal tool to enable your luxury phone case to be a one of a kind beauty.  There is a simple run through of the elements of the design studio which will help you with your unique creation.

Firstly you can add text; there are many different versions of text to add to your luxury phone case. Our online editor enables you to change the size, font and layout of the text. We recommend you check to make sure your words are spelt correctly and welcome you to take as long as you need to ensure your text is perfect.

If you are after something artistic like a gorgeous illustration of your favourite animal for example our clipart section is ideal for you. It couldn’t be simpler you can choose the item or items that you desire and add it to the phone case in the area you like. Images can be resized and colours can also be changed to suit your requirements. With hundreds of clipart items to choose from we are sure you will be not be short of options.

Photos you adore from your own travels or even a brand logo may be what you are after, our photo uploader enables you to add your own photo from your device, use an image URL or add a photo using Pixabay. Images can be cropped and moved around where necessary. We advise using high quality images to ensure your phone case is as beautiful as possible.

Drawing free hand is an incredible skill some possess, you will be happy to learn that we have added a ‘draw’ element to our online design studio. You can use a brush, circle motion or spray to achieve your desired effect in a variety of shapes and colours.  Additionally you can also add an array of shapes or icons to achieve your desired look.

There are hundreds of thousands of different combination options for you to choose from and we would love to see your designs. Be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram or twitter when you receive your own of a kind luxury phone case.

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